LIBS opens doors in London for Irish FinTech start-ups

Six of Ireland’s most promising FinTech start-ups enjoy rapid entry and acceleration in the UK market thanks to the help of London’s growing diaspora



London, October 2015 – The London Irish Business Society (LIBS) and Enterprise Ireland are proud to announce the successful completion of its ‘City Insight Programme’, an initiative aimed at supporting Action 2 of the IFS 2020 strategy and help the Government deliver its ambitious target of 10,000 additional jobs in the International Financial Services (IFS) sector. Welcoming this development Simon Harris TD, Minister of State for International Financial Services, commented:


“This initiative is tangible evidence of the massive potential of leveraging the wealth of expertise and experience of our diaspora active in this sector. Equally important is the template this offers to replicating this approach in other global financial centres”


This collaboration between Enterprise Ireland’s London office and LIBS facilitated the signing of one global pilot agreement between an Irish SME and a top tier institutional lender, as well as brokering more than 100 introductions between Irish enterprises and senior figures from the UK financial services sector.


The City Insight Programme brought together a group of six high-potential client companies from Enterprise Ireland’s FinTech cluster and paired them with senior executives from the UK industry. 15 advisors were handpicked from the LIBS’ membership to work strategically with these companies, providing them with market intelligence and readiness, as well as helping them to develop their value propositions and engage in meaningful professional networking.


Peter Cripwell Chief Executive Officer at RiskSystem said: “The programme has allowed RiskSystem to re-imagine our business and has enabled us to plan with confidence the necessary steps to ensure that we will become a significant player, and employer, in the emerging risk management environment. It is programmes like City Insight that will allow and encourage small companies like ours to become large companies of the future.”


Ogie Sheehy, Founder and CEO of ViClarity said:  “We were privileged to be part of the City Insight programme and work with such great mentors who have vast experience in working in Financial Services companies across London. This gave ViClarity the opportunity to present our proposition and help us to appropriately position our solution for the London City market. We learnt a lot from the programme and would highly recommend it for any FinTech companies like ourselves who are trying to introduce software to the London. Thanks to all involved. “


As the programme draws to a conclusion, LIBS and EI are hoping to grow on this year’s success as they plan towards 2016.