Irish housing crisis makes moving home less attractive

Ireland’s housing crisis and pay expectations dominated our event, Life After London – Where Next?

Over 100 Irish professionals heard about opportunities for those considering a move back to Ireland from some of Dublin’s top talent recruiters including;

  • Fiona Mullan – VP International HR at Facebook
  • Sandra Dawson – Group Head of Talent Acquisition at AIB
  • Justin McKenna – Head of Experienced Talent Acquisition & Global Mobility at Deloitte
  • Samuel Hendry – Director of Financial Services at Morgan McKinley

Expertly moderated by Ciara Kenny of The Irish Times, housing became a thread of conversation throughout the evening with agreement across the panel that it has become one of the most challenging aspect of relocating to Dublin. The common consensus was that the move would be difficult unless you were immediately able to buy or had family willing to put you up in the short term. AIB’s Sandra Dawson even went so far as to highlight the attractiveness of moving further afield into the international market in a bid to build up savings to help get a foothold on the property ladder.

When asked about expectations regarding salary, Facebook’s Fiona Mullan stressed the need for honest conversations saying, “you need to be straight with Irish people and tell them you’re not moving home for financial benefits, it’s got to be more than that.” In agreement, Sandra Dawson highlighted better work life balance which she concluded “was not to be underestimated”.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, Samuel Hendry told the audience that Morgan McKinley was seeing a big increase in job opportunities around Brexit which would be well suited to those with international experience. This was echoed by Justin McKenna who said Deloitte have recognised huge potential for growth in ancillary jobs particularly around regulatory roles as Irish companies prepare for Britain leaving the European Union.

The value of maximising international experience was championed by all panellists with Fiona Mullan declaring, “for those of you who are brave, I’d highly recommend going East rather than West.”

Overall the message was clear, to those considering a move back to Ireland – ask yourself are ready to settle down and if you can afford to.