SAVE THE DATE – An evening with Her Excellency Mrs. Mary Robinson. An event in association with The Institute for Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

It is with great honour that we can announce that our first speaker of 2018 will be one of our most prestigious to date. Her Excellency Mrs. Mary Robinson will be joining us on the evening of February 13th.


By anyone’s standards, Mrs. Robinson has led an extraordinary life. A Ballina native, Mrs. Robinson’s education brought her to Dublin, Paris, Harvard and latterly the King’s Inn becoming a barrister before being elected Ireland’s youngest ever Senator at the age of 25.


From the beginning of her career as a barrister through the 20 years that followed as a Senator, Mrs. Robinson tirelessly fought for women’s rights and the rights of those without a voice in the then highly conservative Ireland.


In 1990 she was elected the 7th President of Ireland in what some have since called the country’s most important election ever. As Ireland’s first female head of state and an expert of Irish constitutional law, Mrs. Robinson not only transformed the role of high office but sowed seeds of modernist ideas that have since grown to form today’s Irish psyche.


After seven years as the international face of Ireland, Mrs. Robinson went on to become the global face of social justice, leaving the presidency in 1997 to join the U.N. as High Commissioner for Human Rights.


In her first year alone, Mrs. Robinson traveled to Rwanda, South Africa, Colombia and Cambodia, among other countries. During her five-year tenure she also became the first High Commissioner to visit China and Tibet.


Since Mrs. Robinson’s term of office ended in 2002, climate change and the social injustices resulting from its effects have become her primary focus. Having been appointed a special envoy on Climate Change for the U.N. at numerous global summits, Mrs. Robinson set up her own foundation advocating ‘Climate Justice’ for the poorest and most vulnerable peoples of the world.


Now, with climate change dominating the news agenda more than ever before, Mrs. Robinson joins us to reflect on the lessons of her life, career and to impress upon us why it is so important to empower the poorest people and countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable and ppeople-centred development.


Further details to follow, be sure to keep an eye on our website and our social media pages as we release more information in advance of the event.


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