The LIBS Google search: Finding Ireland’s hottest tech start-ups – 9th June 2016

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Introducing our startups

Kevin O'Shaughnessy

Company: Cityhook

Kevin is the founder of CityHook, the airport-to-city service which lets passengers and airlines alike book trips with taxis, trains, coach and other transport. CityHook works today in 50 countries worldwide, run from a core team in Dublin and across Europe. 

Niall Harrison

Company: Firstage

As an ex professional musician and marketer, Neil established Firstage with Co Founder Keith Lawler to address the struggle artists have earning a living. With this in mind they created the first augmented music stage that allows artists to make more money by helping them virtually tour worldwide. Through multiplying the number of gigs bands can play, bands increase their revenue by reaching fans with exclusive performances through their mobile in places that were never before possible.

Oisin Kim


Oisin Kim is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 10 years’ experience working for multi-national companies in financial, telecoms and start-ups.  A self-confessed geek, Oisin holds BSc and MSc Degrees in Computer Science and has a special interest in commercial large-scale Internet platforms and practical solutions to complex issues. is an Irish owned and run business providing healthcare services to the public and corporates as well as offering grey labelled hosted platforms (and optional services) to large corporates.  The technology team have architected, implemented and run complex systems for multiple billion+ euro/dollar online businesses.  Webdoctor are currently in discussions for a UK launch in Q4 2016

Peter O'Mahony

Company: Linked Finance

Whether it’s launching the Laughter Lounge Comedy Club, running a printing business in London or producing a successful board games based on the Stock Exchange, Peter is passionate about business and believes that every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it. He has guided Linked Finance from an idea on a piece of paper to become Ireland's largest P2P Lending platform today. Along the way, Peter has actively invested in and advised other passionate start-up entrepreneurs. Somehow, he’s also managed to stay focused enough to remain unbeaten at Connect 4.

Event Host

Google have kindly agreed to host our event at their London offices.


Googlers will be on hand to welcome LIBS members and Google are providing refreshments at the event. 


LIBS would like to extend a big thank you to Google for welcoming us and our members


Google: 1-13 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AG

With thanks to our sponsors