Update on changes to li-bs.co.uk


For those who don't know me I am in charge of all things technology for the LIBS team.

I joined the team in mid 2015 and since then have made modernising the website (both frontend, that you see, and backend, that you don't) a key priority.

We launched our new website design and some new features in January and last week marked another important development when we opened registration for our first event of 2016, "Beyond the Centenary: Anglo-Irish Relations in 2066".

From a technology perspective this event was extremely important as we expected major demand. Our last event of 2015 was massively oversubscribed and this caused some serious problems for our servers which struggled under the load when we opened the registration floodgates.

As such solving this problem became a high priority item for the LIBS team as we need to ensure our members have the best experience possible when using our website and attending our events.

This year we have moved this load away from our servers and integrated with the market leading events platform Eventbrite. By doing so we ensured a much smoother service for our members who knew immediately if they had obtained a ticket, if they were on a waiting list or if, unfortunately, we could not facilitate them for this event.

As expected demand was exceptionally high and all 140 places available were filled within minutes. While this is unfortunate given that the vast majority of our several thousand strong membership could not attend, it does serve to demonstrate the popularity of LIBS events.

For those who cannot attend we will be posting a podcast of the event to our website as soon as possible and photos of the night will be available via our social networking platforms.

We'll also shortly be issuing comms about our upcoming Business Leaders event in conjunction with Goodbodys and we'll continue to provide updates via our blog and via social media. So keep an eye on your emails and on our blog here at www.li-bs.co.uk/blog

Finally we'll be investing more time in improving the website and invite any feedback via the following: